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With over eight years of experience and helping thousands of clients lose weight,

here are just a few and what they have to say:



Working with Steph is truly amazing! I have lost 34 lbs and am still going! I love that I don’t have to sit there and search for workout, all I do is open up my app and my workout is already scheduled and ready to do! She sets you up for success and she’s there for you 100%! I honestly love working with Steph!

Brenda R., Venue Owner



Stephanie has gone above and beyond to help me with my transformation. I have lost 30 lbs and am still going! I used to think that fitness was a grind or something I would just have to exert so much energy in and then set it aside. However, she helped change my mind into believing fitness as a lifestyle. I definitely recommend her to anyone that's looking to make a change in their lives!

Don P., Educator



I used to go on diet after diet and the thought of working out was challenging for me. Once I started with Steph, I began to eat better and move my body more with the simple workouts. I learned to positively shift my relationship with food and stay active while gradually dropping 70lbs! I have never felt more amazing and absolutely love how I feel!

Blanca V., Photographer

Testimonials Nina (1).png


I lost inches off my hips, stomach & waist while also gaining muscle. More importantly I learned how to properly track my food intake and make smarter food choices. I no longer get daily headaches, crash (due to low energy) at 3pm, and DO NOT crave sugar & carbs like I used to!!!

Nina P. Registered Nurse, Cardiac & Neuro Unit



I absolutely love working with Stephanie. Her methods are simple and easy to follow, especially when traveling on the road. With a combination of eating healthier and having Stephanie coach me, I have lost 14 lbs of fat and 8% body fat. I am going to continue for the next 10! I definitely recommend working with Stephanie!

Lisa M., CEO

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Here’s what I love about Stephanie’s program: I have lost 16 pounds, I'm building muscle and losing fat, and I can squeeze a 15-20 minute workout in my pajamas and bed bun before my morning shower leaving me feeling revved up for the day. The moves are simple, gradual and easy on my body to prevent injuries. There is an easy to follow food program- I went with the pick your own foods. I love her positive attitude and support! 

Michelle S., Spa Director



Stephanie is a great coach. She has assisted me in losing 20lbs, switching job, and other milestone accomplishments.  It is great to have someone to hold you accountable and who cheers you on towards your goals. You don’t have to do this yourself.  Have Stephanie on your side. It makes the journey less painful and more fun. I love my results and have been working with Stephanie for over three years.

Howard M., Principal Consultant



The best thing that has ever happened to me in regards to my healthy journey, hands down has to be Steph! I have hit the jackpot with her! She is a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, counselor, and friend all in one. I am so self conscious about myself, which in part is why I was skeptical about hiring a trainer. However, Steph makes me feel comfortable, I don't feel embarrassed or shy. She pushes me more every session because she sees potential in me. She doesn't let me give up. She believes in me. She is there cheering me on when I'm about to give up. I love this girl, and because of her my journey gets easier everyday!

Martha F.




Stephanie knows how to kick your toosh in gear! Not only does she help you with intense personalized workout plans but also the perfect meal plan for your specific goals! She has amazing energy and knows just how to keep you motivated and positive! After just two weeks of working out with her, I was able to feel and notice improvements! Stephanie is the best inside and out!

Jessica W.



Let me start by saying I have been looking for a personal trainer for a while. I was looking for somebody that worked around my crazy schedule and that had reasonable prices. Stephanie had it all and MORE! I have been out of shape for years and overweight. She definitely put me back into shape. She has a wonderful sense of humor, which helped me when I was struggling with different type of workouts. When I wasn’t training, she would constantly check up on me, motivating me! What I enjoy about the workouts she doesn’t focus on a particular set of muscles but works out your whole entire body. I definitely feel a lot better about myself! Overall, her energy is amazing, she makes every session fun, she's motivating, and mixes things up. I Highly recommend Stephanie!

Irvin V.

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