6 Week Program

6 Week Program




Are you tired of dieting and working out without getting results?.


If you want to...

... finally start losing weight

... stop feeling hungry or moody from "dieting"

... beat the bloat

... wake up & go through the day with fired up energy

... reduce daily stress



6 WEEK PROGRAM was created just for YOU!


In the 6 Week Program, you will...

- Have a simple to follow workout routines to start burning more calories and stay active 


- Understand how to properly fuel your body to optimize your energy for the day and increase productivity


- Learn how to integrate healthy nutrition (food choices) into your busy lifestyle

- Develop better habits and strategies to manage emotions that trigger stress eating or self sabotaging behaviors

- Transform your body and mind 

- Feel more confident in clothes of your favorite clothes

- Develop strategies and routines to integrate physical and nutritional self-care into your daily life


What You Get Inside of the 6 Weeks:

-Full nutrition plan and guidance

-6 Week Workout Plan on the Trainerize App

-Weekly short video trainings for building better healthier lifestyle habits.

-Private Voxer access for accountability, 5 days per week, for continual support

  • Your Next Steps

    After you have joined the Summer Shred, I will be connecting with you to set up the rest of steps:

    1) Downloading the Trainerize App

    2) Getting your nutrition and meal plan plus tracker

    3) Getting your supplements

    4) Downloading the Voxer App for 1:1 daily connection 

    The challenge will start May 25!