One Thing You Have to Stop Doing to Lose Weight and Feel Good

You wake up and immediately reach for the phone, check for missed messages, respond to them, switch over to Instagram, and scroll for what feels like a couple of seconds but it's been 10 minutes already. Ok, only 1 more minute... Let’s check Facebook to see what’s going on. OMG, how did 10 more minutes go by already?! Ok, I need to check emails.... Ugh so many where the heck do I start...

HOW IS IT 7:30AM ALREADY?! I need to get to work! AGH I was suppose to go through my self-care routine this morning! I guess I have tomorrow.

Any of those series of unfortunate events sound familiar? Yeah, I’m totally a culprit of the scrolling thing too. Somehow, someway, time passes by way faster when scrolling.

Here is the thing, we all have the time, but somehow we are always RUSHING to get our day started. Why? Because we don't spend the time we do have on actions and activities that actually help benefit our wellness and weight loss results.

Here are several ways to slow down your morning a bit and to start looking and feeling good:

1) 5 Min of Meditation

5 minutes of Instagram scrolling can be substituted for 5 quick minutes of meditation that will help you refocus and refresh your mind approaching the day with more positive and efficient intentions.

2) 5 Min of Stretching

5 minutes of Facebook check can be replaced with 5 minutes of stretching that could get your blood flowing and potentially help your lower back pain, upper neck stiffness and reoccurring sciatica. Then, you can go about the day in less pain with more energy!

3) 15 Min of Fitness

The remaining 10-15 minutes? Get a quick workout in to energize your morning and actually work towards your healthy active goals. To save you the time of having to search through endless videos on YouTube, I've created a month long program of quick and effective 15 minute workout videos for you to instantly access right at your finger tips. You can check it out here: Personal Trainer in Your Pocket V2.0

When we take a moment to wake up just 5 minutes earlier and swap mindless activities to work on our mental and physical health, both our bodies and minds will thank us by operating optimally throughout the day. You can say hellllooo to energy, mental clarity and those feel good vibes of having a productive day and actually moving forward on projects and deals without feeling like the day's dragging.

What’s one thing you feel you can change up in your morning routine to have a better start to your day?

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