How to Overcome Your Biggest Weight Loss Challenge

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Ever kickstart a weight loss program and you're going so strong until week 2 when you all of a sudden have this "I MUST HAVE ICE CREAM" (or insert your own cravings) moment?

Then, comes the voice that says, "You can just have a little! Go ahead!" So, you have just a little, but little turns into the pint. Now, you're screaming inside how delicious everything while realizing what you had just done. The OTHER voice starts saying, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! YOU MESSED UP AGAIN?!"

By this time, the weight loss plan has gone down the tubes, and you're frustrated that you have to start ALL OVER again at day 1! Sometimes day 1 happens the next day, next week, or even next year. That part is kind of a gamble based on your mood.

I am here to tell you that IT'S OKAY TO HAVE ICE CREAM! YES! Ice cream, donuts, pizza, it's all not the cause or the reason that weight loss is difficult for you! What makes things difficult is your thoughts, your assumptions, and relationship with these types of foods.

Here are the top 3 ways to overcome your weight loss challenge:

1) Stop trying to eliminate everything! Weight loss is not an all or nothing process- at least sustainable weight loss isn't. For those who have kids, when you tell them they can't have something, what happens? They want it even more, right?! So, as adults, we really haven't changed. When you tell yourself you can't have something, guess what happens? You want it more! It's pretty much a set up for failure because you know at some point you're going to have the ice cream anyways. If you want to be able to lose weight and keep it off for the long run, LET GO of the expectation that you HAVE to eliminate everything- because you don't.

2) Stop "starting over." When we embark on this journey, we often think one cheat meal or drink messes us up and we have to start ALL OVER again! It honestly doesn't have to be that way. We aren't starting over; we are simply continuing on. So what if day 15 involved an extra cupcake or burger? It doesn't mean tomorrow has to be day 1 again. It is simply just day 16. When you start thinking of this process as a journey vs a start and stop, you will take a lot more pressure off of yourself. Instead of worrying about being perfect as to not start over, you can put more focus an energy into actually taking the actions necessary to lose weight in the first place.

3) Start being proactive. Sometimes, why things get challenging is that there are so many different things to remember to do! From what to eat, to working out, to remembering to actually snack, to remembering to drink enough water on the daily... it gets exhausting! Instead of choosing to start off with trying to change all things at once, choose to shift the things you can control or that fit better into your schedule. For example: if you're not a breakfast eater, don't choose to try to kickstart your weight loss journey with breakfast. Choose to eat a healthier lunch instead and then make your way to breakfast.

The key to overcoming your weight loss challenge is to realize that we are the ones that set these specific expectations on ourselves, like thinking it's an all or nothing process or that it has to be perfect. Letting go of this and really focusing on how to make things easier for ourselves during the process will make such a big difference!

If you need help figuring how to let go of those beliefs and how to make things easier for yourself, check out my NEW 6 Week Program designed to do exactly both of those things!

Sending you good vibes!

Coach Stephanie

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