Five Tips to Fit Fitness into Your Travels

Traveling is definitely something we do at one point or another through out the year. It could be for work or for pleasure, but one thing is for sure, it can sometimes be a little challenging to fit exercise into your travel schedule. How can we beat this? By planning and scheduling in your workouts into your daily activities.

Don't worry! This doesn't have to be boring, and you definitely don't have to be inside just to stay active while traveling. The point is for you to know what you'll be doing ahead of time. If it's planned and scheduled, you're more likely to stick to it as it is already part of your itinerary

Now you're asking... well, how can I do to stay active while on the go?

Here are your 5 ways to fit in exercise while you're traveling for whether for business or pleasure:

1. Walk- Start moving those legs! The easiest and most cost effective way to stay active while traveling is walking. It's low impact, and it also burns calories! Your goal is to shoot for 10,000 steps on the daily.

2. Find a Fitness Center- Chances are the hotel that you're staying at has a gym inside. Take advantage of the resource you're already paying for. If you're staying with friends and family, ask to use their guest pass to their local gym. This is also a great and healthy way to spend more time with your family and friends.

3. Sign Up for Fitness Classes- Many destinations offer fitness classes like spin, boot camp, or yoga classes in their local studios. See what studios are available in the area you're traveling to and sign up for a class before you travel so that it's already integrated into your schedule.

4. Download Workout Apps- There are many fitness apps out there that that provide you with workouts straight to your phone. This is a great on the go tool to use especially if you take it outside to enjoy both the scenery and get a sweat session in. If you are pressed on time, check out my Two Move Workouts for a short full body workout.

5. Use Your Amenities- Take advantage of the amenities the hotel you're staying in offers. This could include hiking, surfing, skiing, swimming, etc depending on your destination. It's also a good way to stay active and spend time with the people who you're traveling with.

At the end of the day, there are always different ways you can integrate fitness into your travels. There is something for those who prefer the indoors and for those who love the outdoors. The key to successfully staying on track and active while traveling is to actively plan ahead your activities. If you schedule it, you've committed to it and will have an additional reason to follow through.


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