5 Ways to Stay on Track in 2021: Fitness, Nutrition & Emotional Wellness

Can your believe it's 2021 already?! We are getting ready to dive right into new wellness goals and New Year’s resolutions. Things are fresh and we are fired up, excited to make all these different changes happen!

I have put together 5 top ways to help you stay consistent on your course even if that initial New Years thrill begins to fade! Remember it’s consistency that ultimately continues to lead us one step closer to reaching our goals!

1) Find the ONE Thing to Focus on Daily

When we first start out, we often try to change EVERYTHING at once. It works for a couple of weeks but becomes overwhelming since we aren’t used to integrating all these changes into our current busy schedules. Choosing just ONE thing to focus on daily will make the process more manageable.

  • Want to get more active? Start out with 10-15 minutes of activity each day: go for a walk, play the latest boxing or dance game on your Nintendo Switch with your kids, or do a quick full body workout. Just move your body.

  • Want to start eating healthier? Choose to eat one healthy meal a day. Swap your fries for a side of veggies, soda for unsweetened iced tea, fried chicken for grilled chicken. Focus on that one meal until you get it down then move onto another meal.

  • Want to start managing stress better? Meditation is a great way! Start off with just one 1 minute a day. Then build up to 3 minutes the following week. Apps like Headspace and Calm are really helpful for this.

Focusing on shorter increments of any self-care activity is a lot more sustainable and less overwhelming as your start to shift to healthier habits.

2) Write Your Goals Down Daily

Writing down goals daily brings them to the forefront of our minds as a gentle reminder for us to make decisions that are in alignment with the goals. Make sure you are writing in the present tense and that your goals are action oriented or feeling oriented vs results oriented. Our goal is to continuously take action, not just focus on a result without action.

For Example: If you want to lose 10 lbs (results oriented), your action oriented goal is: I’m moving 10 minutes today or I am eating a healthy lunch. The feeling oriented goal is: I am feeling confident and happy in myself and body or I have all the energy in the world!

3) Celebrate the Little Victories

Every time you finish “the one thing” give yourself a pat on the back and acknowledge what you did! We are always focusing on what more needs to be done and never acknowledge or affirm the important steps that we’ve already taken- THIS is what really keeps you going. YOU are your biggest cheerleader!

4) Find A Support System

Whether it is a coach to guide you through or a group who is going through the same journey as you are, find people who will support you through the tough times, tell you how it is, offer tools and insights to make things better, and keep cheering you on! It’s a lot easier than doing it yourself and you’ll save time learning from other people’s mistakes and expertise.

5) Schedule in Weekly Self-Care Time

We get swamped with all our different responsibilities during the week that we forget to take a moment just to turn off all the noise. Schedule in 30-60 minutes weekly on your least busiest day to do something that you enjoy whether it’s treating yourself to a facial, reading the latest book you’ve been dying to dive into, or soaking in a nice warm bath. Take a moment to decompress from the week and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit!

All 5 of these methods have personally helped me create better consistency and I know they’re going to take your goals to the next level too!

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Cheers to an Epic New Year, Stephanie Giang @stephaniegiang

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