5 Tips to Break Through Weight Loss Plateaus

"Why isn't that darn scale moving? UGH... I literally feel like I've tried everything!"

Do these thoughts run through your head on the weekly? I know it can be frustrating when you feel like you're doing all you can just to lose the weight but nothing is happening. I know because I felt this way after I dropped my initial 10 lbs.

Things felt so amazing, I was losing weight and then BAM, I hit a plateau. I kept trying to the SAME thing over and over, harder and harder as I had done to lose the 10lbs but even the dieting and insane cardio sessions weren't working.

So, I had to start figuring out different methods to get different results... after all, Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result," and I had no plans of letting weight loss drive me insane.

Below are the 5 different things I found made a huge impact on my journey to breaking that weight loss plateau and I think they'll help you out too!

1) Weight lifting- contrary to what women may think, lifting weights does not cause you to get bulky. It actually encourages your body to build and maintain muscle mass while burning fat. You might see many in the gym constantly doing cardio to lose weight (this was me) and their scale might very well be dropping, but they're more than likely losing lean muscle and fat. The problem with losing lean muscle is it causes your metabolism to decrease, which is the opposite of what we want.

With that said, you should be strength training 3-4 times a week to ensure you're building a lean fat burning body machine.

2) Add 2-3 HIIT Training Workouts to Your Routine- High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to rev up your metabolism and lead to an after burn effect (burning calories even after your workout). This kind of workout actually burns the most calories in a short period of time. You can get a 20 minute full body HIIT right below! If you want more, check out my 6 Week Program!

3) Journal to Track Your Food- Use a journal to write down everything you're eating. If you prefer using technology more, apps like My Fitness Pal work great! Most of the time the app already has the food you're eating in the data base already with all the nutrition facts. This will help you lose weight more efficiently as you know whats going into your mouth.

4) Have Protein Based Meals/Snacks- Lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey, beans, or lean beef) helps to build and maintain your muscle mass. It also helps you stay fuller for a longer period of time. Usually, if I'm in a hurry in the morning, I'll grab an healthy protein meal shake to make sure I don't skip breakfast and get the necessary nutrients in my body. My favorite is Herbalife Nutrition's Formula 1 Healthy Meal. It tastes great and doesn't leave you hungry afterwards. Check out the video below to see how you can literally make breakfast in 3 minutes!

5) Get at least 7 Hours of Sleep- This is probably the easiest thing to do to lose weight. It's also probably the hardest things to do if you're very busy. So, try your best to sleep early each day! When you're tired, you're more likely to choose unhealthy foods and overeat, which adds to weight gain. Sleep allows your body to recover from your workouts and allows for your hormones to regulate organ functions properly.

Changing up your routine will help you make a dent in your stagnant results. Just start applying a few of these tips, and you'll begin to break through that weight loss plateau!

Sending Good Vibes Straight to You,

Stephanie Giang

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