5 Reasons to Stop & Stretch

Stretching can help you lose weight!

⁣Wait... did she just say? Yes. Yes, I did.


I know that every time I skip a stretching session after a workout I am always so stiff and sore the next day. What is even worse is that my workout for that day isn’t as great as it could be either.

However, my body is definitely ready to go the next day and kill my workouts when I end my sessions with a great stretch routine. ⁣⁣


Stretching helps us stay more mobile, which in turn allows us to move better through our workouts and through out our day. This assists with burning more calories and more calories burned means more fat burned leading to weight loss. It’s all a great chain reaction!

If you're still wondering why you should stretch, here are your top 5 reasons to get a routine down:


1) Reduces recovery time⁣⁣- Stretching helps your body heal faster as a result of better blood flow. Oxygen and necessary nutrients are being delivered throughout the body to your muscles.

2) Reduces post workout soreness- light stretching routine will help you stay mobile, which, again, helps with better blood flow and nutrient delivery.

3) Reduces stress- Stretching helps you clear your mind and releases those feel good endorphins so you can reset and focus on the day.

4) Curbs emotional eating- If you're less stressed, you'll definitely be less inclined to emotionally eat helping you avoid unnecessary calories that lead to weight gain.

5) Increases mobility- If you're less stiff, you'll be able to move more throughout the day as your joints and muscles are feeling good! This also helps with burning more calories.


As you can tell (and eventually feel), stretching has many benefits and shouldn’t be skipped! Do your body a favor and start stretching! ⁣⁣

If you need a great stretching routine, sign up for my 31 Day Wellness Month Challenge, click on today's tab, Day 5: Stop and Stretch, and there will be a fun stretching routine waiting for you!

Hope you have a stretch-tactic day!


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