5 Healthy Holiday Hacks

Tis' the season! You're doing amazing on your healthy journey, and now, you're realizing that somehow Thanksgiving is this week. Maybe we shouldn't mention that December holidays are also around the corner too!

Thinking about the potential holiday meals might be a little stressful since you're aiming to stick to your current plan and stay on track. Good news is that these 5 healthy holiday hacks will help you do just that!

1) Homemade vs. Store bought- If you're hosting, try to stick with homemade main dishes so that you have more control of what the ingredients are. You'll also have the ability to make healthy swaps if necessary.

2) Front Load the Veggies- Eating vegetables first will fill you up a little more and help you avoid overeating on the upcoming treats.

3) Eat Before You Party- Don't come to a party or gathering hungry. If it's dinner, eat lunch. If it's lunch, eat breakfast or a small snack before lunch. This will prevent you from scarfing down your meal or overeating.

4) Balance and Enjoy Your Favorites- Don't deprive yourself of what you like to eat! Go into the meal knowing what you'll be eating and stick to that. Go ahead and have a serving of the pumpkin pie or candied sweetpotato. There isn't a need to go cold turkey. The more you deprive yourself, the more likely you'll end up overeating or binging.

5) Exercise- Get a workout in! Burn some extra calories before the festivities happen. Also, instead of lounging around inside after the meal, go outside for a walk with your guests. This will help you get those bonus calorie burning points!

You've been working way too hard to have things go sideways just because of one day. Prepare yourself mentally and physically (get that workout in) and you'll be ready to go, while still staying on course towards your healthy goals!

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