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3 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat

How many times have you put on a pair of jeans and thought, “Ugh, I need to get rid of this belly fat!” and then decide to just slip on a pair of yoga pants that have just the right amount of stretch to keep everything in place?

While you might want to lose belly fat to fit into your favorite pair of denim and feel confident strutting your stuff, you should also consider the health benefits of lowering your chances of acquiring diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The following are 3 simple science based ways to lose belly fat. (I can personally attest to all three because I’ve been able to lean out my midsection by following these tips!)

Avoid and eliminate added sugar and sugar-sweetened beverages

Our bodies need natural sugars to function but excess sugars that we end up eating from junk food to sweetened drinks can negatively affect our metabolism. When there is an excess of sugar, it could make your liver work overtime turning sugar into fat.

Try reducing the amount of sugar in your diet by giving up soda, excessive fruit juices, and high sugar sports drinks. Also, pay attention to to nutrition labels, even if an item is labeled as “healthy” it can contain significant amount of sugar

Protein, Protein, Protein, Did I mention Protein?

Constantly snacking and grabbing the first thing you see mid afternoon? Research shows that protein can actually reduce cravings and boost your metabolism! Goodbye excess calories and fat and hello leaner healthier you! Not only this, but protein is the building blocks of your muscles. As you are more active, you’ll need to help your muscles refuel and rebuild to help you lean out and burn more calories. If you find it hard to get protein in, I would recommend this post workout shake: Rebuild Strength or the Healthy Meal Shake as a snack or breakfast on the go.

Track Your Food

Now, you might be thinking… what’s tracking my food got to do with anything? Well, most of the time you might not really know what you’re eating or how many calories you're intaking. You might be eating a high protein and low carb diet, but without tracking you could be eating too much protein, too little carbs or maybe too much fat.

Nuts are a great example! Perhaps you might grab a couple of handfuls of nuts for a snack daily, it doesn’t seem like much when you eat it, but just ½ a cup of nuts is already around 400 calories which could end up leaving you with excess calories at the end of the day aka excess fat which will end up on your belly. Tracking food helps you realize which food groups you need to incorporate into your diet to help your metabolism run in tip top condition and in the long run, lead you to a leaner mid section.

For most people, reducing belly fat and losing weight can be done through making shifts in specific lifestyle changes including diet and exercise. While I didn’t list exercise as a key factor, definitely get a minimum of least 15 minutes a day of a workout in on the daily to help you stay healthy and lean!

For a more personalized approach on how to lose your belly fat, connect with me for a FREE 15 minute consultation: Free 15 Minute Nutrition & Fitness Consult

Sending Good Vibes to You,


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