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Stephanie Giang has always been obsessed with how the body works, inside and out. Formerly a pre-med student with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, she is now a health coach, certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and entrepreneur based in Orange County, CA. In the last 8 years, she has helped thousands of people lose weight, boost their confidence and manage stress through her step by step “Sustainable Fit-life” nutrition and fitness method. This proven method has produced incredible results for CEOs and busy professionals enabling them to reach their goals to be more productive with optimal energy, conquer big career milestones and live life to their fullest potentials while maintaining healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Stephanie’s journey began after a devastating heartbreak. Depressed, stressed out, low in energy and gaining weight from emotional eating, she knew she had to make a change. Through the help of a coach, she began to shift her eating habits and started to get more active. Gaining more energy, leaning out, and losing fat, she started to see signs of abs! Though the physical transformation was great, she fell in love with her new-found confidence and energy. She realized this mental and physical transformation was a complete lifestyle change and not just a temporary result--the same kind of transformation that she wanted to help others experience by teaching them how to integrate health and fitness into their everyday lives through strengthening the mind and body.

You might be asking, “How do I get there?” Seems pretty easy- eat less, move more. But sometimes you’re too busy and stressed out at work, need to tend to your kids, have constant social events with friends or any other kind obligations to tend to. So, it’s refreshing to have a smiling face with a signature poof hairstyle, greet you to get you started in a personal training session, text helpful reminders to stay hydrated or make healthy choices aptly timed when you’re about to put a cookie in your mouth (how does she know?!), and have a helping hand prod you along if you made the commitment to do 3 workouts a week while you’re trying to weasel out of your third. Even though she’s your coach, Stephanie has a lighthearted, personable style, makes you feel like you’re hanging with a bestie as she occasionally jumps in to work out with you, helps map out your meals, and chats with you on what works best for your body.  

Stephanie is pretty much entrenched in helping people transform their lives everyday, but when she’s not doing that, you’ll find her visiting her cute Vietnamese parents that live in Tustin, playing the piano, chilling with her friends, hiking the outdoors, and finding cool fitness games/products to bring to her clients. We told you she was obsessed!

Get ready to have fun and feel great with a supportive, fully integrated and customized plan incorporating her “Sustainable Fit-life” fitness and nutrition coaching. Whether your goal is to lose weight, become healthier, relieve stress or all of the above, it all starts with the first step.

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