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Are you tired of dieting and working out without getting results?


If you want to...


... finally start losing weight

... stop feeling hungry or moody from "dieting"

... beat the bloat

... wake up & go through the day with fired up energy

... reduce daily stress


6 WEEK1-on-1 Coaching

was created just for YOU!





I totally know how you feel right now. I was there not long ago...

You've wanted to get healthy for what feels like forever...

Tired of the body that has developed after years of saying I'll start tomorrow...  

Jumping from diet to diet only to be overwhelmed with so many changes at once...  

Feeling guilty when choosing “unhealthy” meals during hang outs or get togethers and thinking that you'll start your weight loss journey Monday...

Hardly having energy at the beginning of the day and barely able to get through to the end of the day...

Doubting if you can really even lose the weight in the first place...


Guess what? You ABSOLUTELY CAN DO THIS & I am here to support you!


In the 6 Week 1-on-1 coaching program, you will...


- Have a simple to follow workout routines to start burning more calories and stay active 

- Understand how to properly fuel your body to optimize your energy for the day and increase productivity

- Learn how to integrate healthy nutrition (food choices) into your busy lifestyle

- Develop better habits and strategies to manage emotions that trigger stress eating or self sabotaging behaviors

- Transform your body and mind 

- Feel more confident in clothes of your favorite clothes

- Develop strategies and routines to integrate physical and nutritional self-care into your daily life



I started my health and fitness journey in 2012 WITHOUT knowing too much about how to workout out, how to manage my cravings, or how to integrate weight loss into my daily life.

After 1 month on my new program, I was so frustrated. I spent hours in the gym only to lose 1 lb and my body hardly looking any different than when I started. 

I HATED spending so much time in the gym and was so confused on what I actually needed to eat to lose weight. 

Honestly, every morning I looked at myself in the mirror, I just wanted to give up.

Thank goodness I didn't. I decided that I would stick this through and find help instead of trying to do it myself. 

After 3 months of following a simple nutrition plan and quick effective workouts while learning to implement healthy routines and habits into my life, I lost 10lbs of fat, got abs for the first time and had incredible energy all through out the day!

Whether you've been trying for years to lose weight or this is your stab at weight loss, 2020 can be the year where you finally transform your body and your whole life changes!


Here is What Current Clients Have to Say:

I absolutely love working with Stephanie. She is friendly, makes the training session fun, and her methods are simple and easy to follow, especially when traveling on the road. I technically engaged with her for personal training but she has a 360 degree approach and always checked on me for nutritional habits as well. With a combination of eating healthier and having Stephanie coach me, I have lost 10 lbs and 8% body fat. I am going to continue with Stephanie for the next 10! I definitely recommend working with Stephanie!

Lisa M, CEO

Stephanie is a great coach. She has assisted me in losing 20lbs.  It is great to have someone to hold you accountable and who cheers you on towards your goals. You don’t have to do this yourself.  Have Stephanie on your side. It makes the journey less painful and more fun. I love my results!

Howard M., Senior Principal Consultant

Stephanie knows how to kick your toosh in gear! Not only does she help you with intense personalized workout plans but also the perfect meal plan for your specific goals! She has amazing energy and knows just how to keep you motivated and positive! After just two weeks of working out with her, I was able to feel and notice improvements! Stephanie is the best inside and out!

Jessica W., Medical Esthetician

Stephanie has gone above and beyond to help me with my transformation. I have lost 30 lbs and am still going! I used to think that fitness was a grind or something I would just have to exert so much energy in and then set it aside. However, she helped change my mind into believing fitness as a lifestyle. From a mental and a physical standpoint, she's helped me with that tremendously. She will meet you at your level and will try her best to guide you to your goals and then some. She's an excellent coach and mentor and I definitely recommend her to anyone that's looking to make a change in their lives!

Don P., Teacher


What You Get Inside of the 6 Weeks:


-Full nutrition plan and guidance

-6 Week Workout Plan on the Trainerize App

-Weekly short video trainings for building better healthier lifestyle habits.

-Private Voxer access to connect with me for accountability, 5 days per week, for continual support

-Facebook Group Community to connect with others



Frequently Asked Questions


How many workouts do I get a week?

You will get 3 workouts a week on the Trainerized app designed to boost your metabolism and burn fat

Do I need a gym membership?

No, you do not need a gym membership.

How much is it to join and is there a payment plan?

The full investment for the 6 Week Challenge is a one time $397.

What if I don't need workouts?

Workouts are included in the program, but if you only need accountability and education in nutrition, we can also focus only on that and building better habits on the daily.

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